Writing a Rhyming Valentines Day Love Poems For Him or Her

Valentines Day Love Poems

If you want to be original and your Valentines day love poems for him or her to be unique and from the heart, so you can make that day perfect, you need to make your loved one think you are the most intelligent, most creative and most awesome person she/he will ever know. How? Here is your ultimate guide on writing Valentines day love poems.

Get Inspired To Write Valentines Day Love Poems

It can be a partner in a long-term relationship, someone you’ve been with for only a couple of weeks, or someone you might have a secret crush on. The goal is to make the poem rhyme and include a lot of compliments.

Make The Old Things New

“Roses are red, violets are blue” has been over used and has become a retro and non original cliché. However, it can be used as a great basis for your own poem, although you will need to give it a modern twist. For example, use another flower instead of roses and choose another color she/he more.


You can rhyme any word you want, it’s really not that hard. Think of a sentence that you want to say to your loved one and then, just go through the alphabet and try out every letter that could rhyme with the last word of that sentence. Lastly, try to create something that makes sense.

Stick To The Theme

The theme needs to flow smoothly throughout the whole poem. Do not jump from one to another metaphor without a smooth transition. For example, you are writing about your love in bed and just jump to how lucky you are to have her/him in your life. Such a bad transition. To avoid this, try to keep to your previously set poet concepts.

Length Should Be Decided By You

When writing poems, you don’t have a word limit. Write four lines or if you are feeling it, expand your poems to pages. For new relationships or crushes, you should keep it short so you don’t scare her/him away.

Be Genuine

Don’t try to be poetically perfect, you don’t have to give Shakespeare a run for his money. The poem should sound like it was written by you and if it does, that’s wonderful. So, whether you are writing Valentines day poems for her or for him, or you're just trying to be interesting by writing funny valentines day poems for friends or short valentines day poems for girlfriend, make sure you are as personal as to can. Just be you, keep it real.

Not Everything Has to Rhyme

Don’t get hung up on rhyming, you’re writing a love poem, not doing an English literature. Indeed you can use rhymes, but don't let rhymes set you limits. Just try to write and enjoy doing it!

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