I just saw you standing there,

I think of coming to you,

But should I dare,

after everything I've been through?

The last time this happened

I found myself in solitary.

Doctor Mind came in with a sad look,

He told me that I've been diagnosed

With a Broken heart!

I asked how is that even possible

And he said 'you fall in love with

the wrong one my child'.

He said that as if there is

Actually the right one out there.

Sometimes I'm convinced

Love only exists in my heart.

The rest of humanity has only

the word.

I was hurt by the same old myth,

I always fall for,

'everyone has a soulmate'.

Stupid me! I always realize

It's a myth after I'm crushed.

My soulmate, if theres one.

I hope you won't die alone

just because of my broken trust.