Love Poems Writing Rituals - Different Type Or Art

Valentines Day Love Poems

This article is focusing on the many interesting rituals for writing love poems. Many content writers, journalists, bloggers and other type of authors are constantly looking for new ways of creating, new routines and strategies that might help with their work. Sometimes these people stick to one ritual and they are successful because of that, but that routine might become a problem and these people can lose their way of creating. That’s why a new and fresh perspective for writing is necessary.

How can you benefit from trying some new rituals?

Every single person that is trying to make an improvement in his life has a special ritual and individual way of working. Just like the great athletes that are trying to make it to the big leagues, the great poem writers and authors all begin examining the essentials and gradually work their path up to the more complicated, yet professional methods.

Many great authors appear to have a love and an appreciation for the amusement that verges on love, not to a divinity, but to the regular quest for searching out reality and finding a greater meaning in spilling ink on the page.

Make sure to have a regular routine and to have your desk prepared for good work.

This ritual is like a foreplay, you need to be warmed up for the main thing. Whether it’s assembling your exploration and research, poring over the actualities, or "hatching" your thoughts before you get in the zone, having a special ritual can be greatly useful to get you into the correct attitude to be a profoundly effective and productive author.

Strange and interesting rituals of famous authors:

  • The great Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Marcel Proust and many more world famous authors used to write their poetry pages while lying horizontally. Think about it, you are in a relaxing position, your body and your mind are resting. A perfect case for you to grab a pen and pad or your laptop and try this ritual right away.
  • Some great authors, such as Henry Miller and Charles Dickens, used to ride a bike or take a walk without thinking about where are they actually going. For example, if you are traveling somewhere, go to a place where you can easily get lost. See what your mind will have to offer you when you don’t know your location and when you’re lost.
  • Some other great authors, like Albert Camus and Ernest Hemingway, did their job best while standing and saving their back. They were really conscious about their health and that’s why this routine helped them be successful.
  • Having a drink, a fine scotch, some rum, maybe a tea or some coffee is also a ritual for many authors, so they can relax and open their mind. It may sound easy and simple, but it most certainly works.