I Want To Write a Poem

I want to write a poem

not regular poem that you read and forget about next day.

I want to write a poem that will haunt you for months,

that will be the poem you think about

when your heart breaks into million pieces

and never seems to come back together.

I want you to think about my words

when your soul is in pain and your mind aches.

I want my poem to be beautiful,

not beautiful as you might think.

Not as beautiful as boy you have crush on.

Another kind of beautiful.

As sunset, as memory from childhood.

Sunset and sunrise.

moon and sun

ying and yan.

I might never write something like that

because for me, it would be unbelievable,

something i could stare at for hours

and wondering how something on earth could melt

my soul and heart this way.

I want to feel that.

It might not be in poem.


I'm sure,

I found what i have been looking for,

in her eyes.