How Writing Love Quotes Can Save Your Relationship

Save a Relationship

Strong, long and full of love that'll last forever relationships can be seen only in fairy tales and definitely not in this very day and age. The divorce rates are getting higher and with their commercialization all around the world, there are a lot of broken families and broken hearts. Since love isn't what it used to be, here are the reasons of how writing true love quotes can save your relationship turn your life around for the better.

The couples I am in contact have supposedly discovered the secret formula of successful marriages and relationships. A big part of that formula is to be honest, frequent and to have a lot of communication. Of course there are other practices and qualities, but a simple misunderstanding is what breaks up years of love and companionship can be avoided by talking mercifully and with an open heart. Statistics say that more than 69% of relationships and marriages end because of no, or lack of communication.

We know that not everyone is great at verbal communication, but that doesn't get in the way of your communication. If you want to get the real message across, you can try writing it. A little letter filled with true love quotes can dig deep into the heart of your loved one, because your written words have more meaning than spoken ones. So, for those troubling times here are some tips that can save you, your loved one and your relationship.

When writing love quotes, focus on the positive

We use poetry to express almost every human emotion on a wide range, from positive to negative and everything in between, use this opportunity to reflect the wonderful. You are offering a gift to the one you love, remember that. As you begin brainstorming for all the beautiful things about your loved one, you will start to see him/her in a better and more pleasant light. It is all about appreciation. As you go through this process you will start to feel changes, it will calm you down and you will be more willing and inspired to express your love rather than disapproval. You will do everything your relationship needs to function properly.

Speak your heart

When your loved one receives the love quotes that you’ve written and reads it his/hers heart will melt. When reading words that are so beautifully written in honour of us makes us feel like a billion dollars, it is that special. Have her/him read the poem in private and away from you, as he/she can smile or cry tears of joy without feeling the need to stop or feeling judged.

Be as kind as you can

Taking the time to create something from your heart is more than buying any gift. Your partner knows and appreciates this, especially if you aren't a good true love quotes for him/her and poems writer, it's about the time taken out of your life to create something for them. Handwrite your poem on beautiful paper, if you have drawing skills you can sketch some flower that they love on the paper, simply create something that will last a lifetime. An act of love can overpower tempers, bad feelings and levels the field.

Be unique and very personal

In this age the average person doesn't have the skill for creative writing. Your loved one will see you in a different light as you can pour out your heart on a piece of paper. It's somewhat a reset button for the relationship, especially if you haven't done anything like this in the past. Put the status quo behind you and be beautifully different for your loved one.

It is time for a love bomb

Poetry that is written is something stored in the heart and has the possibility to explode any time as it is a ticking time bomb. It may be written today, but it can reignite flame years in the future. Picture this, 5 years in the future she feels discouraged about your relationship, so she goes through old pictures, letters, etc. She then finds your love quotes and sayings, reads it, and she can feel the butterflies in her stomach again, her heart twinkling and she’ll remember the love she has for you and you have for her. And there you go, a flame lit again, just remember that true love doesn't die. You never know what might happen in the future.