5 Famous Poets and Writers on Their Favorite Poems and Quotes

Wanna know which poems and quotes are favorites to a couple of famous poetry writers? If it wasn't for their influence, these famous poets and writers would have been lost in their journey from time to time. Anyways, I think many of us have been in a situation when Valentine's day is here and we have no idea for a gift. So I figured it out. Why don't I check which poems and quotes are favorites to other famous poets and writers. Yes, those romantic sentences that might get the relationship on another level. The perfect gift for any romantic soul. So, we did a little bit of research and collected several quotes from your favorite poets about their favorite poems.

Nikki Finney's Favorite Author: Rumi

Head Off & Split's author, Nikky Finney says that Rumi is one of her favorite famous poetry writers. She's amazed by his powerful choice of words and free of prediction way of describing things. Nikky's saying that if Rumi came earlier in her life, many things would have been much different and positive from a poetry writing perspective.

Favorite quote:

Rumi Quote

Alex Dimitrov's Favorite Poem: "Mystic," by Sylvia Plath

Alex Dimitrov is the well-known author of the fierce and memorable "Begging For It". He says that "Mystic" is his favorite poem of all time and Sylvia Plath is one of his favorite famous poem writers. He was a senior in high school when he first read "Mystic" and got blown away by the epicness of how "there was no great love".

Favorite quote:

Sylvia Plath Quote

Darcie Dennigan's Favorite Poem: “Francesca Says More,” by Olena Kalytiak Davis

Madame X's author Darcie Dennigan says that "Francesca Says More" woke up different emotions and that the poem is not that romantic, as it is dirty and desperate at the same time. It's about the beats fighting to get out of the cage so he can find love. Amazing sonnet, definitely.

Favorite quote:

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Ada Limón's Favorite Poem: “The Crossing,” by Dorianne Laux

Ada Limon is the author of the 2015 "Bright Dead Things" founds this poem as the one. She said that narrowing down her favorites to what's on the top of the pyramid has been a difficult task. So, she says that she chose "The Crossing" by Dorianne Laux as her favorite love poem because there are several things that made up her mind, such as the right way, right time, slow and plodding lines and the full-of-love description of her husband's T-shirt with a rough twist at the end.

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Ada Limon Quote

JD Scott's Favorite Poem: “Valentine,” by Carol Ann Duffy

Moonshot's editor and the writer of "Funerals and Thrones", JD Scott is amazed and stunned by the soulful "Valentine", by Carol Ann Duffy. The potent onion as described in the poem is the unexpected way of how love should look like, and how the biggest love is sometimes the one that hurts the most.

Favorite quote:

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