Different Types Of Poems To Overcome Writers Block

Different Types Of Poetry

In order of April being National Poetry Month, we have made this list of 6 different types of poems that can help you overcome writers block. So, here's our list of different styles of poetry:

Epistle aka Epistolary Poem:

An epistle or epistolary poem is a letter type of poem that uses correspondence. There isn’t any requirement rhyming scheme wise, but rhyming couplets are in fact very common. There is a sort of intimate and personal nature of these letters and there can be unleashed all sorts of ideas.

Acrostic Poem:

Acrostic poems are very unique and specific among the different poetry types, and they are poems in which the first letter of the line spells a word or phrase in the subject of the work. There is also double-acrostic, in which the last letters of each line spell either another word or phrase or continue on the first. Writing in this kind of way helps you think on the subject in some ways that you might never have thought of, and by writing this type of poem you can find writer's block help.

The Bop:

The Bop is consisted of three stanzas, and after each one there is the same refrain. There are no rules for rhyming stressed and unstressed syllables or line length. The firs stanza has six lines and it presents a problem, the second one is has eight lines and gives more detail, and finally the third is a six line stanza which either resolves the problem or explains why it can’t be resolved. The Bop is also a great exercise to help you for a solution that one of your characters is facing.

Centos and Found Poems:

Cento is a type of poetry that combines lines from other poems to create a new poem, but it has to have sense of course, just play with the words. Found poems are the same, except the poet’s use any kind of text that exists to make the poem and you can add, delete or reorder the words. Reading different style works can help inspire you, you can maybe find something in this article that you can use in your found poem.

Cinquain aka Quintain aka Quintet:

If you haven’t figured it out yet this type of poem has five lines. There are a lot of rules that these five lines are subjected to, but mainly the biggest are the number of syllables which in order are, 2, 4, 6, 8, 2 and the number of stresses are, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, keep in mind this is for each line. But, there are some websites that will guide you through this. Start with an object, describe it and add a few actions that are associated with it and you have found an easy way to beat writers block.


Not like today's different types of love poems and ballads, traditional ballads used to describe political drama, farming trends, social issues, tragic deaths, love stories and any other event that is worthy of preservation. Ballads are usually written in stanzas of four lines, but the form isn’t as much important as the narrative. The focus on the narrative helps you brainstorming activity for short stories.

Thought You Were The One, Now I'm Not So Sure.

I lay here at night,

Phone in my hands,

scrolling through facebook.

I come across your status,

and I instantly die inside,

another girl, who is just your friend,

but when you talk to her, my world seems to end.

You say she is just a friend,

You say you don't like her,

You say I'm the ony one for you.

I ask her if she has any feelings for you,

She says no,

She tells me the same things as you did,

She tells me you two are just friends.

But how can I be sure?

I've been hurt so many times before.

I can't bare to see,

You saying the same things to them as you are are to me,

I hate that you write them hearts,

but I don't want to seem like a bitter tart.

I hate that they like you,

and you lead them on,

You may not think your doing it,

but yes you are.

All I can say is,

I never want to lose you,

Your my one and only,

I love you with all my heart.

But when it comes to all your friends who are girls,

I hate you.


Moments flow slow without you

In my sight . Empty as a night

Of darkness where the stars have flight

Not viewed by the eye; yet I do try

Unveil the mystery of your smile;

Quantum that makes my world reform!

Enigma that turns your absence to storm!

Vision of you is a lovely melody

Vision of you is a heartfelt memory

Emptiness gone though word is none!

In my heart notes by Angel's band!

In my heart an art by mighty hand!

Naive it may but my mind can't stand!

Month after May when eclipse start

And days in my days you've been a part

Constantly- then as our borders crossed;

Unworded bliss comes like a ghost

Touching the dark from core to core

As your sun speaks more and more

Yes! In you, the world I adore!

"Distance though near, sea lies in between

Leaving a gap of world to the scene

Of hope - to have the sailor's dare;

Equator be conquered and be there

Ensconce world be told by simplest word

Nocturne for the one when she heard!"