Cute Owl Photos, Cartoon Owl Poems and Drawings

Here you’re going to read cute owl poems, learn about them, see a lot of amazing cartoon owl drawings and hear their sounds. Let’s start with a beautiful poem named "Burrower":


There is something very specific about owls that just leaves us captivated and in awe. In British culture these birds have gained a lot of popularity. They have been the most documented and are very frequently referenced, but why? The answer is simple; these cute owls rule, roam and master the night, which we are so afraid of.

Owls lurk at us from the darkness in the woods, rich with the sense of mystery, and even a little evil at one time. These birds were being seen as dangerous omens in Victorian times, and not even the intellectuals could withstand those beliefs. It was a sign of impending danger when seeing a bird land on a particular roof.

It's not just the nocturnal life that sends chills down our bones. All of the species of owls in Britain have a binocular vision and if we humans were reincarnated in birds, perhaps that's how we would look like. Now let's take in consideration that there are not just cute owls, but if we consider their silent flight, the ghost-like pale face and their vocalizations that go through the darkness like a knife through butter - you can name them a nightmare birds.

And even now at this time and age, we still use owls as a metaphor for danger in movies, TV shows etc. But, we still don't want to see them like that, they are loving creatures. So, we have cute owl drawings and cartoons in forms of t-shirts, ornaments and cushions, we have Beatrix Potter's Old Brown innocently blinking, and a bunch of old and wise cartoon owls and drawings in Disney cartoons.

But the real reason we love and adore these cute birds, their drawings and cartoons, or so I think, is danger. From all of the species of birds, they are the ones we hear about the most and see the least. Their eerie vocals of screeching can send chills down our bones and raise the hair on the back of our necks. It is a reminder to us that beyond our roofs and street lights, there is a world, a heart that we will never quite understand.

Interesting Facts about Owls

Owls are stand out from most of the bird species of birds that are confined to the light of the sun and owls have obtained and rule the night. We humans think that we know a lot about our wise friends, but that’s not the case, a big amount of information escapes our grasp of common knowledge about owls.

Adapting blood flow to extreme levels: There are a lot of different owls that have different appearance, size and colour schemes, and we can see all of that in many cartoon owl drawings, but a huge thing that they have in common is the ability to rotate their head 270 degrees. This kind of movement is deadly to most animals, but owls do this by collecting blood in special blood pooling systems in their heads to power their brain and eyes and then stopping the blood circulation.

Pseudo-Cannibalism: Owls can hunt and eat owls of smaller species. For example the great horned owls are the chief predator of the smaller barred owl and barred owls eat smaller owls.

Binocular Vision: Owls have binocular vision which lets them use their full focus on their prey and boosting their depth perception. Plus they can turn their head 270 degrees which compensates for their immobile eyes and forward facing vision.

Owl Vegetarians: The elf owl separates from the other species of owls that are pure carnivores. They feed on smaller animal prey, but they add fruit and seeds to its diet.

Some Species Don’t Hoot Or Screech: Snowy owls from the far north don’t hoot, they produce seabird-like squeaking sounds, smaller owls like pygmy owls produce a dull whistling call and there many other examples that disprove our theory that owls screech and hoot.

They Feast on Larger Prey Than We Think: Species of owls like eagle owls feast on everything from deer to hedgehogs, they carry off adult vervet monkeys with ease and there was a repport that a young wolf was attacked by owls and foxes and deer are cared off fairly easy.

Owls Can Settle In Cacti: As seen in many cartoon owl drawings and pictures, Elf owls in North America’s Sonoran Desert live in cacti that is excavated by woodpeckers known as gila flickers. There are also the pygmy owls that can settle in cacti.

Owls in Human Culture: Falconer’s owls can be trained to pursue small pray and can be trained by the glove. Owls can be seen as demonic symbols and warning signs of doom, besides the stereotypical “wise owls”.

Weird Relatives: It’s a popular thinking that owls are related to hawks, eagles and falcons and that can be seen in a lot of cartoon owl drawings, but they have no relations. Some of the owl relatives are kingfishers, hummingbirds and songbirds despite the popular thinking.

Owls Are Silent Killers: Owls are especially effective hunters because of their ability of great hearing, while staying silent. They have special hooks on the front of their wing feathers that act as airflow silencers. Their silent flight is one of their greatest ability.

Here you can find many different cartoon owl poems, so let's continue with another beautiful cute owl poem with drawings, named "Cape”:


10 Owls That We Saw In Movies

#10 – The Instrument Owl (Alice In Wonderland) Instrument Owl doesn’t have a big role in Alice in Wonderland, but never the less we do love him. How can you not love an owl that is part-accordion and part-owl?

#9 – Soren (Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole) Soren is simply a badass motherowler, he is a warrior owl that is in the making. He has defeated the evil, Nazi metal-beaked owl.

#8 – Professor Owl (Sing-Along with Disney) Professor Owl was blue, wearing glasses and a little hat. If the name isn’t obvious, he was a teacher and he taught us how to sing, he was eager to get to school and share his knowledge with his students.

#7 – Bubo (Clash of The Titans) Bubo is a mechanical owl; he is the god created replica of Athena’s owl. To show that he is worthy of his position on this list he has helped Perseus defeats Krakon, with the use of Medusa’s head.

#6 – Big Mama (The Fox And The Hound) Big Mama is an owl with a lot of love to give away. She arranges for the orphaned fox Todd to be adopted, teaches him the ways of the world and introduces him to Vixey who is later his new girlfriend. And she is wonderfully sassy.

#5 – Grey Owl (Grey Owl) Trying to become an owl to be precise, channeling the spirit of one is the goal of this wannabe Native American. He does try really hard.

#4 – Owl (The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh) Owl is a very awesome creature and very intelligent, charming and witty. He also possesses a really great quality that we admit only to ourselves.

#3 – Jareth (Labyrinth) Jareth turns into David Bowie, ditching the feathers and putting on the tightest trousers of them all. He may be one of the greatest owls to be shown on the big screen.

#2 – Archimedes (The Sword In The Stone) We love Archimedes because of three reasons, first he refuses functioning properly until being presented with a cup of tea from someone tremblingly, secondly he easily gets fooled to do things against his will and thirdly he is the smartest owl out there.

#1 – Hedwig (Harry Potter) Hedwig was the most loyal and trustworthy companion Harry ever had. She patiently delivered so many letters and she gave her life to save Harry from the death eaters. Rest in peace Hedwig, we will always love you!