I'm here to love you

Here to stay

Care only for you

Your heart will never play

I'm totally serious

I'm completely fine

I'm just that jealous

And now out of the line

I regret for what I've done

Please give me chance, please do understand

I know it cant be erased or be undone

Please don't leave me, you're my only one

Just consider what i feel

My love for you is so damn real

I cant help my self but to also feel

This jealousy! cant control what I feel

Hope you read this

Hope you understand

Please forgive me

And let me again hold your hand

You're the girl i want

The girl admired

To infinity and beyond

Can i hold your hand tight?

I know i made mistakes

I regret what I've said

Just tell what to do

To gain you're love and forgiveness too